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Commercial real estate construction mortgage loans. Bridge loans for commercial real estate investment properties..
Business Capital Financing
New business technologies
We work with businesses who need development financing for new technologies and infrastructure in the fields of life sciences, medical, engineering, construction and development projects. Are you looking for funding in the range of $1M to $5B in investment capital? Contact us today for business development financial acquisitions.
Based in the USA
International funding acquisitions
We are based in Beverly Hills, California and work with direct hedge funds, private investors and select venture capital funding partners. If you are tired of finding broker chains and non vetted clients please contact us with your business summary today.
Types of Venture Funding
Finding lenders in your business niche
One aspect of seeking new capital is finding the investors keyed to your industry. Example: If you are in the oil and alternative energy field you need someone who understands the production, storage and shipment concerns and requirements. Let up put your comprehensive business summary in the hands of quantified, relevent, vetted investors,
Business and Real Estate Loans
Hard money loan lenders
Commercial and luxury real estate hard money lenders, shopping centers, apartments, select luxury residential private loans. Talk to us about how private hard money can help your business or acquire a solid real estate purchase.